Introduction To Schemas

Each registry can store data as entities. The example registry we setup using CLI already has two types of entities: Teacher and Student. To view the schemas, run the following in the directory you setup the registry:

$ cat config/schemas/student.json
$ cat config/schemas/teacher.json

Or you could view the schemas on Github.

A teacher is represented by 5 fields: name, phoneNumber, email, subject and school, out of which name, phoneNumber, email and school are required fields. subject can be any one of Math, Hindi, English, History, Geography, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

A student is represented by 4 fields: name, phoneNumber, email, and school, all of which are required fields. When setting school field, you are making a 'claim' (i.e., that the student is from the specified school), which can be 'attested' (i.e., confirmed to be true) by a teacher from the same school.

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