Frontend Configurations

Registry provides following configuration properties

Go to config.json file and update the value of of key as with your application details

   "keycloak": {      // Add your keycloak configurations here
   "url": "domainUrl/auth",
   "clientId": "registry-frontend",
   "realm": "sunbird-rc"
   "configFolder": "/assets/config/ui-config",
   "languageFolder": "/assets/i18n",
   "title": "Application name",  // Here you can change Application name
   "baseUrl": "domainUrl/registry/api/v1", // Replace with your API URL
   "domainName" : "", //Replace with Site Domain
   "schemaUrl": "domainUrl/registry/api/docs/swagger.json", // Replace with your schema api(swagger) url
   "footerText": "Organ donation registry", // Change Footer text
   "languages": [
   "appType": "attestation",
   "default_theme": {  // Here you can change theme  color and site logo
         "logoPath": "../../assets/images/logo.svg",
          - - - 
          - - - 
  • Keycloak : Add your keycloak configurations in this object

  • baseUrl: Set the Api base url to this property

  • domainName : Add your domain name to this property

  • schemaUrl : Set the swagger api url to this property

  • footerText : You can set footer label here

  • Languages : If you wants to add multilingual support on your site, you need to add language code in this language property and also need to create respective files in src/assets/i18n/global/ and src/assets/i18n/local/ folder with specific language translations

  • Default_theme - In this object you can change your site color, logo etc

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