Certificate Issuance

The Certificate Issuance portal is being envisioned as a means to simplify the process of creating and issuing digital certificates. The portal provides a centralized platform for managing digital certificates, empowering the organizations with capabilities to create and issue certificates to individuals. It allows issuers to select a template for their digital certificates and then issue them to individuals.

Issuers can select a pre-designed template available in the issuance portal for their certificates or can create their own custom template. This allows issuers to customize their certificates to their specific needs, including adding their own branding, logos, and information. Once the template is finalized, it can be saved and used for future certificate issuances.

Once the template is finalized, issuers can issue the certificates to the individuals. This involves entering the necessary information about the recipient, as per the schema decided by the issuer while finalizing the certificate. Once the information is entered, the certificate can be generated and issued to the recipient.

Sunbird RC Reference Solution

The reference solution provides various capabilities in a ready-to-use format, and adopters can quickly deploy these in their specific context with minimal configurations. Various modules can be stitched together to enable workflows as desired, giving adopters the flexibility to design their own systems as per their needs.

Capabilities Enabled

  • Configure various templates for credentials via backend APIs

  • Issuance of credentials (by Issuer admin) for a single user/ in bulk mode

  • Basic issuer dashboards on the issuance portal that keep track of the credentials issued

Usecase implementation can be found here at https://sunbird-certificate-demo.sunbirdrc.dev/

Expected Capabilities

  • An option for users to upload their organization logos

  • A feature that enforces a specific logo size when uploaded

  • Implement a feature to enable editing of all SVG files, regardless of their source

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