Working with the Vault

This page is dedicated for the details of how to use hashicorp vault in sunbird rc using docker and what all the things related to it should we remember.

Usage of the Vault

It is used to store and retrieve private keys which are used to sign the verifiable credentials.

Dependent service

The below service is dependent on the vault -

Setting up the Vault Manually

There are some steps followed to setup the vault

Initialising the vault

  • It is a one time process

  • It can be done using cmd vault operator init inside vault container

  • The response has unseal keys in it and a root token which needs to be stored safely

Unsealing the vault

  • Vault should be unsealed whenever it gets restarted or recreated while having the same volume or data

  • Use cmd vault operator unseal to unseal the vault

  • It should ask for unseal key

  • The key here should be from generated in the Initialising the vault step

  • This unseal command should be run with 3 different keys to unseal

  • After unsealing the vault, the container should show healthy status

Enable a key-value path kv

  • To enable a key value path kv of type kv-v2 , follow below steps

  • Login to the vault using the root token generated in the Initialising the vault

  • cmd to login vault login inside the container vault, then run

  • vault secrets enable -path=kv kv-v2

Use the root token for identity service to work

Provide the value token to identity service environment variable VAULT_TOKEN

Setting up the vault using the script

All of the above steps are created into a bash script here. Run below command to setup the vault OR can check if you require docker-compose specific commands -

bash docker-compose.yml vault

If you are using sunbird-rc-core repository, then you can also use make compose-init to run the above cmd.

Setting up the Vault in production -

Guide to setup the vault for production can be found here


If the vault container is showing unhealthy -

  • Check if the Vault is initialised

  • Check if the Vault unsealed.

  • Check if the path of type `kv-v2` is created at `kv`

If vault is showing healthy then there shouldn't be any issue with the vault. If identity-service is showing unhealthy or showing some error related to vault, then confirm if vault token is setUse the root token for identity service to work

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