Govt to Person (G2P)

Financial Address Mapper

As governments explore efficient ways to reach out to its beneficiaries and delivery social assistance in cash, reaching the intended beneficiary financial store of value account (could be a bank account, mobile wallet, loading a pre-paid card, etc) to make quick transfers becomes an important building block in Govt to Person (G2P) Payments context. There is good amount of demand in this space and having this Financial Address Mapper registry / module as a self-sustaining building block for quick demonstration and eventually adoption with-in the countries.

This registry of Beneficiary ID to Financial Address in normative forms will enable govt departments spread across various sectors (pensions, education, health, social welfare, etc.) to access this registry for transfers. From Beneficiary perspective, she can easily manage one or more accounts and control flow of benefits instead of managing the linkages across various department apps/services.

More detailed visualization of this high level solution blueprint is here

Additionally, how Financial Address Mapper interacts with various other solutions in the larger social assistance use cases can be found here

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