Sunbird RC has been leveraged to develop the following solutions:

COVID Vaccination Credentials

Sunbird RC is the core engine within DIVOC, a globally recognized DPG for vaccination and health credentialing. Utilizing Sunbird RC as a versatile building block, DIVOC has digitized the generation of vaccination certificates, available electronically and as printable copies from a centralized database. Governments, including those in India, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, have implemented DIVOC (built on Sunbird RC) to launch efficient digital vaccination platforms, showcasing the adaptability and effectiveness of Sunbird RC in advancing global vaccination efforts.

COVID Test Certificates

Sunbird RC is part of India's massively adopted DIKSHA school education platform used at population scale. Digital Infrastructure for Knowledge Sharing (DIKSHA) is the national school education platform of India and has been adopted by all 36 states and UTs across India thus impacting nearly every student and teacher in the country. It is one of the largest education platforms in the world. Student, teacher and school registries are core building block, and can be enabled by Sunbird- RC building block

iGOT Karmayogi, a comprehensive online platform to guide individual civil service officials in their capacity building journey, leveraged Sunbird RC to enable the issuance & verification of digitally verifiable certificates that are issued to civil servants as proof of training and served 2 crore officials by enabling lifelong learning through iGOT implementation.

Leveraging Sunbird RC , a leading multinational corporation has successfully built a powerful upskilling platform. More than 500,000+ learners onboarded, the platform offers 10,000+ courses, empowering students from various backgrounds. Focusing on vocational and soft skill development, participants gain expertise for emerging job opportunities. It enables learners to gain certifications, enhancing their career prospects. The platform have been issuing verifiable credentials and certificates, addressing the evolving challenges faced by learners and professionals using Sunbird RC.

Utilizing the Sunbird RC framework, a government health agency has created an Organ Pledge Registry, serving as a centralized repository for information on individuals in the country committed to donating organs. The Pledge Registry features a verification process for the authenticity of individuals pledging organs, ensuring only legitimate individuals are included in the organ donation registry, instilling trust in the system. These registries generate verifiable digital pledge certificates based on stakeholder registration data, with the added functionality of producing multilingual certificates for the diverse population across the country.

Utilizing the Sunbird RC framework, the Unified Learners Passport (ULP) was created, serving as a singular digital credential source for learners across levels. This platform facilitates easy discovery and access to opportunities for academic or professional growth. ULP offers learners a comprehensive platform to aggregate and display their educational achievements, skills, and experiences. The platform enables effortless sharing of credentials, streamlining the verification process for both learners and opportunity providers. A pilot for this initiative has been launched.

A successful PoC has been developed for eLocker, a digital wallet system. This platform allows users to securely manage digital documents, including government-issued IDs and academic certificates. Eliminating the need for physical storage, eLocker provide a safe and convenient solution, reducing the risk of loss or damage. The PoC demonstrates the efficiency and security of this innovative approach to digital document management

Utilizing the Sunbird RC framework, organizations are issuing proof of achievement credentials to participants who have taken part in a variety of events hosted by the organization.

Leveraging Sunbird RC, a successful PoC has been developed for Vehicle Registry. This enables the incorporation of verifiable credentials on both number plates and registration cards, ensuring a heightened level of trust and security within the automotive ecosystem. This not only streamlines the registration workflow, but also sets the stage for a future where seamless authentication and accountability redefine the standards of vehicle management

One of our adopter has utilized Sunbird RC to create a customizable and user-friendly platform. This solution facilitates the seamless registration, verification, and issuance of verifiable credentials, ensuring a trustworthy and efficient process. Through this utilization, the adopter aims to transform intricate procedures into user-friendly interactions, enhancing overall efficiency and reliability in credential management

One of Sunbird's building blocks involves utilizing Sunbird RC as a key component. This integration serves to enable registries of various involved actors, encompassing Volunteers, agencies, Needs, and Need Types. By incorporating Sunbird RC in this capacity, the system enhances the efficiency and organization of these registries.

Leveraging Sunbird RC, a government agency is in the process of creating a platform to issue Verifiable Credentials (VCs) to farmers. Through this initiative, each farmer will receive a unique farmer ID along with a digitally verifiable credential. The farmer registry will be dynamically linked to their farmland plot records, laying the foundation for swift, efficient, and transparent service and scheme delivery by the government.

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