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Pratiksha Khandagale

Software developer, Tekdi technologies pvt. ltd.

GitHub - Pratikshakhandagale

Discord - pratikshakhandagale

Pratiksha is a passionate Software Developer with extensive experience in developing robust and scalable web and mobile applications. As a Frontend Developer, she actively contributed to the "Sunbird RC '' project, and specializes in creating dynamic and responsive user interfaces. With a strong command of Angular frameworks and a fervor for crafting seamless user experiences, she played a pivotal role in enhancing the project's frontend architecture. Her contributions encompassed optimizing code performance, implementing modular components, and ensuring the creation of a visually engaging application.

Tejash JL

Solution Consultant at Sahaj

GitHub - tejash-jl

Discord- tejash.jl

Tejash is a polyglot developer who has worked with multiple clients in building applications by leveraging his expertise in platform engineering and distributed systems. In a career spanning 7+ years, he has successfully delivered large-scale applications that work for India scale. A polyglot, Tejash is a hands-on developer and has experience working on GoLang, Ruby, Java, Python, JS, Kotlin, etc. His first-hand experience with both large scale and large volume systems enables him to draw architectural choices from first principles - crucial in making the right foundational decisions in platform architecture

Parth Lawate

Director,CEO, Tekdi technologies pvt. ltd.

GitHub - parthlawate

Discord - parthlawate

Parth is a passionate technologist with hands-on experience in all cycles of product development, from conceptualization to design to development and marketing. With almost two decades of experience in open source, deep tech, and product development, he has actively contributed to some of the national-scale digital transformation projects in India like UIDAI-Aadhaar, Diksha, and more. A big proponent of open source and passionate about creating impact at population scale with Government, Nonprofits and Civil Society Organisations. His journey with open source has seen a large variety of engagements & contributions & started back in 2004 with Joomla (then known as Mambo) to various Sunbird Building blocks today. He has played various roles in open source project organisations & is currently an advisor on the board of Open Source Matters. In Sunbird he has worked with several building blocks including Educator aka Sunbird ED, Authenticator aka Sunbird RC, Linguist aka Assistive language learning, Digitiser aka Saral , Analyser aka cQube to name a few.


Software developer, Tekdi technologies pvt. ltd.

GitHub - chaitrali-r

Discord - chaitrali_r

Chaitrali is currently working as a Software Developer in Tekdi Technologies Pvt. Ltd. She has worked on various Sunbird- RC use cases such as Issuance, education, Admin Portal, and Donor Registry.

Vishwajeet Singh

Senior Consultant, Deloitte India

GitHub- vishi24

Discord- vishwajeetpratapsingh

With 12+ years in software development and expertise in Java, Spring, React, and Node. As a dedicated professional and open-source advocate, he actively contributes to the community, emphasizing the power of shared knowledge. Known for pivotal contributions, Vishwajeet played a key role in implementing the DIVOC project, showcasing problem-solving prowess. Proficient in AWS deployment automation, he streamlines processes for efficient solutions. Beyond coding, Vishwajeet fosters collaboration by engaging promptly with the community, contributing to a culture of continuous learning.

Prasanna Sambandam Raghu

Solution Architect, Beehyv

GitHub- srprasanna

Discord- srprasanna

Prasanna is a dedicated architect with over 15 years of experience crafting robust and scalable solutions. His passion lies in building reliable web and mobile applications, seamlessly integrating development and operations to ensure technical proficiency aligned with business goals. He has collaborated with startups, enterprises, and open-source communities, successfully transforming ideas into reality and achieving organizational objectives with unwavering dedication.

Holash Chand

Software Developer, Beehyv


Discord-Holash Chand

Holash, a passionate software developer contributing to the open-source community through his work at Sunbird RC. Holash specializes in a diverse tech stack, including Java, Spring, Spring Boot, Node.js, Golang, and Docker etc. His experience spans the development of backend services, microservices architecture, and containerization for seamless deployment. As a proud member of Sunbird RC, he actively contributes to open-source projects that aim to make a positive impact on education and related domains.

Priyanka Yadav

Associate Director, Deloitte-India

Volunteer- Sunbird RC , Beckn Open Collective

Discord - Priyankayadav.

With 12 years of experience, Priyanka has led and contributed to digital transformations in health, e-commerce, and technology consulting. She has played diverse roles, including Subject Matter Expert, HIS/EMR implementation lead, program & engagement manager, and advisor across public and private sectors. Her career spans designing technology-driven initiatives and fostering sustainable adoption of DPGs/DPIs and digital solutions. Notably, Priyanka has crafted digital health strategies, products, and standards, implementing solutions in both public projects and private healthcare facilities.

Rajeesh Menon

Head - Growth and Strategy

Discord - Rajeesh#5156

Rajeesh leads Beckn missions in Asia, Africa and South America. In the past, Rajeesh has also actively engaged with MFIs and Govts to develop DPI financing ecosystems around live missions, as well as anchor strategic initiatives on digital identification, social registry, and CRVS programs across India, Africa, and Southeast Asia. He has collaborated as a author on several publications focusing on the realm of DPI, social protection and digital commerce (spanning sectors) alongside esteemed leaders from both the public and private sectors. Prior to joining FIDE, Rajeesh has several stints in EY and eGOV Foundation, as a DPI strategy and implementation advisor to governments and the public sector, including non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Rajeesh spearheaded the implementation of several Health DPGs such as DIVOC - an open source digital platform for large-scale vaccination programs and health credentialing efforts. Rajeesh also dedicates his time as a volunteer at EkStep Foundation, contributing to their mission of facilitating widespread adoption and product evolution of the Sunbird-RC stack on a global scale. Rajeesh is a fervent advocate for DPI/DPGs and Open-source implementations; and has been coalescing global efforts on development and adoption efforts for the same across sectors.

Venu Choudhary

GitHub - VenuChoudhary001

Discord - VenuChoudhary

Aspiring Linux Kernel Developer.

Sreejith K

GitHub - Sreejit-K

Discord - Sreejith K#3655

Sreejith is a passionate software developer with a dynamic journey spanning three years at Beehyv. He has immersed himself in diverse tech stacks, including Node, Golang, React, and Java, coupled with a strong command over Docker, AWS, and the essentials of DevOps. Excitingly, his journey has recently expanded into the world of open source, where he's started making meaningful contributions to the Sunbird project. This venture has added a new layer to his professional narrative, allowing him to collaborate with the global community of developers and contribute to a project that aligns with his passion for innovation and learning.

Manu Kalia

Consultant, Deloitte-India

GitHub - manukalia29

Discord - manukalia

Manu is a consultant with over seven years of rich experience across various sectors, including Consulting, Healthcare IT, and Public Health. She's played a significant role in various government health projects and has expertise in digital health, hospital operations, and electronic medical records. As a proud member of Sunbird RC, she actively contributes to the project.


Software Engineer, Tekdi technologies pvt. ltd.

GitHub - suvarnakale

Discord - suvarna#0734

Suvarna, a passionate frontend developer with a knack for crafting seamless user experiences. Her journey led her to the dynamic world of open source, where she has been contributing to the Sunbird RC project. For her, working on Sunbird RC has been an exhilarating experience, delving into the heart of open-source development and making meaningful contributions to the community. She has contributed to the various use cases . She is a globetrotter, always seeking new adventures and experiences.

Jayalaxmi Dinni

Solution Consultant, Sahaj AI Software

GitHub - jayadinni

Discord - jayadinni#9862

Jayalaxmi is a Product Designer, who works towards providing seamless end-to-end design solutions aligning to business and user needs. Has been instrumental in designing cross-platform digital solutions in various domains like ​retail, healthcare, communications and media, travel & hospitality​. Has facilitated design thinking workshops, handling responsibility in complete design cycle starting from ​Requirement Gathering and Analysis, User Journeys, Information Architecture, Concepts to Design. Has also undertaken the responsibilities of ​Project Management and Product Ownership​. As a Sunbird RC contributor has worked in designing various use cases and collaborated in implementations and adoption efforts.

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