Create An Entity

To create an entity, we need to make the following HTTP request


Create a record for entity-type

POST /api/v1/{entity-type}

Path Parameters

Query Parameters


Request Body

	"id": "sunbird-rc.registry.create",
	"ver": "1.0",
	"ets": 1634198998956,
	"params": {
		"resmsgid": "",
		"msgid": "3ee6a76f-d6c8-4262-a7ee-ddbe66fcb127",
		"err": "",
		"status": "SUCCESSFUL",
		"errmsg": ""
	"responseCode": "OK",
	"result": { "{entityName}": { "osid": "1-9d6099fc-2c01-4714-bceb-55ff28c482f9" } }

Sample Request Body for Teacher as Entity-Type

"name": "Sunbird",
"school": "UP Public School",
"phoneNumber": "1234567890",
"subject": "Math"

Important Fields in Response Body


So to create a Teacher entity named Pranav Agate who teaches Math at UP Public School, we would make the following API call:


curl --location \
	--request 'POST' \
	--header 'content-type: application/json' \
	--data-raw '{
            "name": "Pranav Agate",
            "school": "UP Public School",
            "subject": "Math",
            "contact": "1234567890"
	}' \


printf '{
            "name": "Pranav Agate",
            "school": "UP Public School",
            "subject": "Math",
            "contact": "1234567890"
        }' | http post \
	'{registry-url}/api/v1/{entity-type}' \
	'content-type: application/json'

{registry-url} is usually http://localhost:{port}. The port can be found under the registry section in the docker-compose.yml file and is usually 8081

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