Health Facility Registry

Health Facility Registry acts as a comprehensive repository of all healthcare facilities in the country. This registry shall encompass both public and private heath facilities ranging from hospitals and clinics to diagnostic laboratories, imaging centers, pharmacies and more. It includes the data needed to unambiguously identify each facility such as facility name, unique facility identifier, location, and contact information, as well as administrative data to help categorize facilities, such as facility type, ownership and operational status. It may also include information about the service capacity of the facility, for example, type of services offered and number of beds. The Health Facility Registry plays a crucial role in efficiently organizing healthcare resources, promoting accessibility to services, and fostering trust and transparency within the healthcare ecosystem.

Sunbird RC Reference Solution

The Sunbird RC reference solution is a means for systems to quickly kick-start their Registry journey, allowing for easy deployment of Registries and related processes. The reference solution provides various capabilities in a ready-to-use format, and adopters can quickly deploy these in their specific context with minimal configurations. Various code modules can be stitched together to enable workflows as desired, giving adopters the flexibility to design their own systems as per their needs.

Health Facility Registry is a sample (a reference solution) built on Sunbird RC demonstrating registry of the health facilities available in a country which have registered on facility registry and enables verification of health facilities, fostering trust by providing reliable information on their locations, services and accreditation status etc.

Capabilities Enabled

  • Facility Onboarding - Individual Registration/ Bulk Registration via CSV

  • Attestation & Claim

  • Discovery

  • Analytics

  • Verification

Reference Solution Components




Bulk Upload


Certificate Issuance

Certificate signer

Certificate API

UI Issuance Portal

Verification App

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