What issues will Electronic Registries address?

With the technological advancements “Digital Registries” are becoming the need of the day in every sector. These registries do not just provide data about entities they are designed for, but enable verification and authentication of the entities, thus making the information stored “reliable “ & “trustworthy”. One of example of the digital registry is AADHAAR- National Identity Registry for India, which enables storing, authentication & online verification of Indian citizens and is widely used for all Government program enrollments, beneficiary verification, and citizen’s identity data validation.

In addition, if these registries are augmented with the capability to issue digitally verifiable credentials (VC) enabling offline & online verification of the entity/holder in question can turn out to be the solution to “augment trust” & reduce frauds in any sector.

By having verified data within various registries, stakeholders and partners can easily enroll and access these services and benefits, while eliminating the need for repeated data collection and validation. Additionally, the use of open APIs allows other systems to easily onboard users and share data, further streamlining the process.

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