Get Started

Access Administrator Portal

Get Started in two ways:

  1. Build Registry with following additional modules:

    • Attestation and Claim

    • Verifiable Credentials: To create VC template

    • Ownership

  2. Using sample use cases: If your scenario is close to one of the sample use case, you can get started immediately by cloning the sample use case. Please note you can edit the settings of these use cases later as per your requirement.

Building Registry

  1. Click Start to build your registry

  2. You can optionally select any or all of the sunbird RC modules.

Depending on the sunbird RC modules selected, you will get following steps:

  • If you have not selected any additional modules: You can 'create schema' and 'Publish' it, to build registry.

  • If you have selected 'Verifiable Credentials': You can 'create schema' and 'add VC template' for the schemas.\

  • If you have selected "Attestation & Claim": You can 'Create Schema', 'Add Attestation Workflow', 'Add VC template' for the attestation workflow and Publish the schema.\

  • If you have selected "Ownership": You can "Add Ownership" details on who would be authorised to manage the schema/entities.\

  • If you have selected all the modules: You can configure all the modules and Publish it.\

Using Sample Use cases

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