ULP Capabilities

The ULP software system contains capabilities of issuance, receipt and verification of learners’ credentials.

Capability to Issue Credentials

The issuer is responsible for creating and issuing credentials to learners. This capability enables educational institutions, organisations, or individuals to define and issue various types of credentials, such as certificates, marksheets, or badges. The issuer can associate the credential with specific learning achievements or qualifications. ULP enables issuing of credentials in two cases -

  • Case 1: The State has an established learners' database

If the State has an existing learners' database following a specified schema (e.g., Prerna Portal in UP), they can leverage the same by using ULP’s Extract Credentials service. This service extracts the learners' credentials from the database and creates them in the Credential Store.

  • Case 2: The State does not have an established learners' database

In this case, the State lacks an existing source of accurate information about learners. However, educational organisations can still issue credentials by following a different approach. They can upload a .CSV file in the specified format to a designated URL. This file contains the required credentials of the learners. Upon uploading, the credentials will be created and stored in the Credential Store.

Capability to Receive and Share Credentials

The learner represents the recipient of the credentials. This capability allows individuals to receive and store their earned credentials securely. Learners can access their digital credentials through a user-friendly interface (called ULP Wallet), which provides a comprehensive overview of their achievements and qualifications. They can easily share their credentials with employers, educational institutions, or other stakeholders to demonstrate their skills and accomplishments.

Capability to Verify Credentials and take Informed Decisions

The verifier plays a crucial role in ensuring the authenticity and validity of the issued credentials. This capability allows individuals or entities, such as employers or educational institutions, to verify the authenticity of a learner's credentials. By leveraging sunbird RC verification services and APIs the verifier can confirm that the credentials have not been tampered with and that they originate from a trusted issuer. Verifiers can use the provided APIs or interfaces to perform real-time verification checks and retrieve the necessary information to make informed decisions.

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