Unified Learners Passport (ULP)

Unified Learners Passport (ULP) is a single source of digital credentials for learners across levels, that will help them easily discover and avail opportunities for academic or professional growth


To revolutionize the way educational credentials are accessed, shared, and trusted in India

Problem Statement

In the current scenario, students face a series of barriers in accessing growth opportunities (such as jobs, internships, scholarships, courses, competitions etc). They are often required to present proof of their degree/diploma attainment, academic or non-academic achievements, etc. On top of that, ‘trust’ in these proofs often needs to be established, and is not inherent. Hence, significant time and effort is required from both students and the ecosystem - institutions, employers, government etc, in verifying the authenticity of the required documents.

Learners’ key obstacles:

  1. Non-shareable student records

  2. Time consuming verification process

Ecosystem players face the following obstacles:

  1. Inability to reach eligible students

  2. Time consuming verification process


ULP, in educational context, involves 3 main personas who form the basic ecosystem -

  • Issuer: The Issuer persona represents institutions such as schools and colleges responsible for issuing credentials.Key Characteristics:

  • Learner: The Learner persona represents the students who utilize the ULP platform to receive, view, and share their credentials. They can easily access their credentials, showcase them to potential opportunity providers, and share verified information to establish their qualifications.

  • Verifier: The Verifier persona represents benefit providers, such as employers, scholarship organizations, etc, who need to verify the credentials presented by learners.


The above-mentioned challenges can be solved through implementation of digital credentials of a learner’s experience and achievements, which can be accessed and shared easily by the learner, with trust being an inherent property of each credential.

The proposed solution is Universal Learner's Passport (ULP)

ULP will provide learners with a comprehensive platform to consolidate and showcase their educational achievements, skills, and experiences. The platform will allow for seamless sharing of credentials, simplifying the verification process for both learners and opportunity providers.

ULP Ecosystem

ULP involves an ecosystem of 3 actors namely the Issuer, the Holder and the Verifier interacting with each other on a level of digital trust backed by a governance authority. The Issuer is in charge of issuing verifiable credentials to the Holder which is stored in a central Verifiable Data Registry. The Holder can share the issued credentials with Verifiers for an opportunity or benefit. The Verifiers can verify the authenticity of the credential by reading from the Verifiable Data Registry. A system of mutual trust is formed where the governance authority (who is trusted by the Verifier) trusts the Issuer. By transitive trust the Verifier trusts the Issuer resulting in a high trust ecosystem overall.

The interconnection of stake holders in the ULP Ecosystem can be showed as below:

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