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Education Ecosystem Registries

Education Ecosystem Registries (EER) are being envisioned as a means to empower end users with capabilities to manage their data and learning/skilling credentials in a digital format

Certificate Issuance Portal

The portal provides a centralized platform for managing digital certificates, empowering the organizations with capabilities to create and issue certificates to individuals. It allows issuers to select a template for their digital certificates and then issue them to individuals.


Sunbird eLocker is a digital platform that allows users to store and manage their credentials (academic, professional, skill etc.) in one central location. It is built on Sunbird RC and serves as a reference solution for developers to build their own digital eLocker platforms quickly and easily.

Organ Donor Registry

Organ Registries are designed to facilitate the coordination and management of organ donation and transplantation. These registries serve as centralized databases that store information about both donors and recipients, allowing for efficient matching and allocation of organs.

Unified Learner's Passport

Unified Learners Passport (ULP) is a single source of digital credentials for learners across levels, that will help them easily discover and avail opportunities for academic or professional growth

Education Registry

Education Registry is a sample (a reference solution) built on Sunbird RC demonstrating registry of the common subjects involved in an educational system, and flows that allow attesting some of the most common claims like that of education history of students and teaching history of teachers.

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