High-Level Architecture

dSunbird-RC's credentialling service is an amalgamation of three microservices.

  • Identity Microservice: This service is the central lynchpin to maintain identities across the system. All identities in Sunbird-RC are DID-compliant and are web-resolvable. The other microservices (Credential Schema Service and Credential Service) depend on this for generating any identity.

  • Credential Schema Microservice: This service stores the schema of the Verifiable Credential along with the associated view template.

  • Credential Issuance Microservice: This is the core issuance service. This service is called with the payload, which is then transformed into a W3C-compliant Verifiable Credential in JSON-LD format. The payload is then signed using the private key which was generated as part of the original Issuer creation.

High level component Diagram

How it works

The sequence diagram explains the following flows:

  • Creating an identity

  • Creating a schema

  • Issuing a Credential

  • Verifying a Credential

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