eLockers, also known as digital wallets/lockers allows users to store and manage digital documents and credentials, such as government-issued identity cards, academic certificates, bank statements, and insurance policies which provide users with a safe and convenient way to manage their digital documents, eliminating the need for physical storage spaces and reducing the risk of loss, theft, or damage.

eLockers provide a secure and reliable storage option for sensitive digital documents, such as financial, medical, and legal documents, ensuring data privacy and preventing unauthorized access. It offers several benefits, including improved document accessibility, secure document sharing, and streamlined document verification processes.

Sunbird RC Reference Solution

Sunbird eLocker is a digital platform that allows users to store and manage their credentials (academic, professional, skill etc.) in one central location. It is built on Sunbird RC and serves as a reference solution for developers to build their own digital eLocker platforms quickly and easily.

With Sunbird eLocker, users can upload, access, and share their credentials with ease. The platform is designed with advanced security features, such as encryption and access controls, to protect users' sensitive information from unauthorized access.

Sunbird eLocker platform is highly customizable, making it suitable for different countries and institutions. It can be configured to support various types of credentials and can be integrated with other systems and platforms. Sunbird eLocker also provides APIs and other developer resources to facilitate easy integration with other systems.

Capabilities Enabled

  • User Onboarding

  • Upload Document

  • Self-attestation

  • Fetch digitally issued & attested documents from original assessors

  • Issuance

  • Secure Storage of the uploaded and issued documents

  • Easy Access

  • Interoperable

  • Pull Credentials from existing systems

  • Upload & Trigger attestation of past documents to original issuers


  1. Credential Issuer

  2. eLocker

  3. End User

User Personas

  1. Consumer:

    I would like to have easy access of my documents, so that I can use it whenever required.

  2. **Issuer: **

    I would like to manage the issuance of certificate at one place.

  3. **Accepting Party/3rd Party: **

    (WIP)I would like to access documents of my customer easily, so that I can review and process the next steps of my customer’s claim…

User Flows (Issuer)

  • Registration/Onboarding

  • Issuance Flow

    1. Type 1 (Upload data)

      Issuers who are not digital can get onboarded fast - by using upload functionality

    2. Type 2 (Issuance system)

      Issuer uses Sunbird RC’s issuer system to issue certificate

    3. Type 3 (API endpoint)

      Connecting to existing system

User Flows (Accepting/3rd Party)

Usecase implementation can be found here at https://elocker.xiv.in/

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