Why do we need Sunbird RC?

Sunbird RC can be used to quickly build numerous national registries of individuals, objects, and entities for a variety of domains. Adopters can rapidly build core electronic registries through configurable schemas and workflows. All needed APIs, workflows, and a default user experience are automatically created for key registry stakeholders.

Sunbird RC provides microservices to issue portable standard schema based W3C VC complaint credentials with attestation and verification flows. These credentials may be printed with QR codes, can be translated into many languages, and are instantly verifiable. Sunbird RC, facilitates enrollment, authentication, data ownership, search, issuance and management of verifiable credentials, claim attestation flows between user and attester, sharing of credentials with user consent, amongst others.

Sunbird RC is designed to be scalable, enabling organizations to handle large volumes of digital identities and credentials with ease. The system can handle both synchronous and asynchronous updates, making it easy to keep data up to date. It is built on open standards and protocols, making it interoperable with other systems and platforms. This ensures that organizations can easily integrate with other systems and applications without having to reinvent the wheel.

Overall, Sunbird Registry and Credentials provide a secure and scalable solution for managing and verifying digital identities and credentials, making it easier for organizations to manage access and permissions, and enabling individuals to have greater control over their data.

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